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This is the original silver plate. A direct positive made thru Wet plate photography process. Its a one-of-a-kind object of art. Each exposure creates one piece. The image is made of pure metallic silver on aluminium or plexiglass plate. The most stable form of photography image up to this date. When properly varnished, will last many hundreds or even thousands of years ( the oldest tintypes are now 170 yrs old and still look as if taken yesterday ). I only sell selected pieces. Signed. Shipped in a box. Packing time 1 week before shipped.

Banana Paper

I love the look of wet plate images on this unique paper. It’s a handmade paper made of banana trunk fibers. I fine-tuned this medium to be able to use in a latex printer. We are using archival quality HP latex ink. It has a unique look which matches perfectly with the wet plate images giving it a vintage tone. This paper has a rough, hairy texture with natural fibers. The prints are made of high resolution digital scans from my original tintypes. Shipped rolled in a tube. Made to order, printing time 10 days before shipped.

Photo paper

Most digital images I recommend to print on a photo paper. I use high quality archival Hahnemuelle paper ( 310 sgm ) with inkjet print. All unframed prints are to be handled with extreme care. Best to use gloves when opening to avoid contact with skin and oils. I advice you to pass it unopened to your framer and let them to frame and mount properly. Prints are shipped rolled in a tube. Made to order, printing time 1 week before shipped.


The cyanotype is a handmade contact printing technique originated in 1842, and it is still in use! This technique produces a cyan-blue color that leads to detailed monochromatic image, which I find fascinating and unique.
The process involves coating a surface with a light-sensitive solution, exposing it to sunlight or UV light, and then manually rinsing and drying to create the distinctive cyan-blue prints. We like to tone the color further in one more step into more warm purple/ brownish tone using black or green tea. This unique print is available exclusively on Bark Paper and shipped rolled in a tube. Made to order, with a printing time of 14 days before being shipped.
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Handmade Gumoil prints are our newest adition to print techniques. Gum Oil is a relatively new contact printing technique from the 1990s. The image is created with oil paints on cotton paper. This process produces unique high contract prints that blend the precision of wet plate images with the qualities of oil painting. The process includes coating, UV exposure, washing and developing, adding oil colors, blending, drying between layers, washing, bleaching and final drying. Visit our social media for a step-by-step guide to see the process. Gumoil prints create a high-contrast result with a strong grain on Hahnemuhle Cotton Paper, making it shimmer in black and white tones in its own beautiful way. We offer printed on Cotton Paper. Made to order, shipped rolled in a tube, with printing time 14 days before shipping.
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Bark Paper

This unique handmade paper is a new item in our collection. Bark Paper is produced from the Daluang “Paper Mulberry” tree - in latin Broussonetia Papyrifera. We source it from traditional craftsmen in Sulawesi island. This rare paper is highly valued for its unique texture, as well as traditional crafting process. The creation process begins by collecting the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry tree, followed by soaking to make it pliable for subsequent stages. The softened bark is then beaten with "Ike" a traditional tool. This process ensures a consistent and fine pulp for the final dried paper sheets. Whether you're someone who simply appreciates the beauty of handcrafted paper or an art enthusiast, Bark Paper is a treasure worth exploring. It is shipped rolled in a tube, made to order, with printing available in Digital Printing using latex ink ( same like on Banana paper ) or Cyanotype Prints. Both need 14 days preparation before shipped to you.
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Canvas print

Canvas is a beautiful medium for many types of images. On canvas I can offer the biggest sized print ( up to 150cm shorter side ). It is easier to handle than photo paper. I use beautiful art canvas printed with archival HP latex print ink. To be stretched on inner frame. Shipped rolled in a tube. Made to order, printing time 1 week before shipped.

Platinum / Paladium

Platinotype is the ultimate print. The most precious form of printing since 1870s. Once almost forgotten and gaining popularity again. Highly valued by collectors and experts because of the permanence. It never fades. Nothing rivals a well done platinum palladium print for its beautiful and subtle tonal range. The emulsion is absorbed into the fibers of the paper, as opposed to most prints which are floating on top of the paper. We use Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag paper. Prints are sent rolled in a tube. We offer two sizes. Small: 28x38cm with print area of 23:33cm and Large: 51x61cm with aprox. print area of 46x56cm. Each one is handmade to order. Each print is signed and numbered. The printing time is longer than with normal prints. Up to 6-8 weeks before shipped to you.
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