Wet Plate Technique by Stephan Kotas Photography featuring Balinese Legong Dancers

April 25, 2023

Bali, Indonesia 7th April 2023.

Stephan Kotas Photography is proud to announce its latest photoshoot featuring traditional Balinese dance captured using the Wet Plate technique.

The Legong dance is a traditional dance form from Bali, Indonesia that tells stories from Hindu mythology. Known for its intricate movements and graceful gestures, the dance is performed by female dancers wearing elaborate costumes and accompanied by gamelan music.

Legend has it that the dance was inspired by a prince's dream of celestial maidens, and today it remains an important part of Bali's cultural heritage, performed at temple ceremonies and other cultural events throughout the island.

The Wet Plate technique used by Stephan Kotas, involves coating a metal or glass plate with a light-sensitive emulsion, taking a photograph with a large-format camera, and then developing the image on the plate using chemicals. The result is a direct positive image - a tintype.

Wet Plate technique used in this project requires a level of artistry and skill that few photographers possess. Stephan Kotas enjoyed capturing the essence of Balinese dance and resulting images are rich with texture and depth, inviting viewers to take a closer look and appreciate the intricacy of Historical Wet Plate technique.

Through this project, we hope to inspire a newfound appreciation for the beauty and cultural significance of Balinese dance, while also highlighting the artistry and skill involved in historical Wet Plate Photography.

"We are thrilled to share these stunning images that showcase the beauty of Balinese dance and the unique aesthetic of the Wet Plate technique," said Stephan Kotas, the photographer behind the shoot.

Whether you're a fan of Balinese dance, photography, or simply appreciate beauty and artistry, this collection is sure to captivate and inspire.

To experience the unique of tintype images, visit www.stephankotas.com or follow us on Instagram @stephankotas_studio to explore the collection and learn more about the process step by step in wet plate historical photography.


About Stephan Kotas Photography :

Stephan Kotas, an artist and photographer. With a background in commercial and fashion photography, Stephan's passion for the art of photography led him to revive the long-forgotten wet plate collodion process in Indonesia. This historical large format technique is over 150 years old. It involves exposing liquid light-sensitive chemicals on metal plates to create captivating images called tintypes. Stephan's specialty lies in capturing unique portraits of Indonesian people adorned in traditional costumes, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region with his unique artistic vision.

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