Stephan Kotas Photography featuring Miss Grand Indonesia 2021 Sophia Rogan

April 25, 2023

Bali, Indonesia 14th April 2023.

Stephan Kotas Photography takes immense pride in announcing its latest project with Miss Grand Indonesia 2021, Sophia Rogan using Wet Plate Collodion process.The wet plate process, also known as the collodion process, is a 19th century photographic technique that involves coating a glass plate with a mixture of collodion and other chemicals to make it sensitive to light. The plate is then exposed to the image through a camera lens and developed immediately after the exposure while still wet. This process results in highly detailed and sharp images that have a unique look and feel. Moreover this technique captured Sophia's beauty and essence in ways that modern digital photography cannot.

"We couldn't be happier to have had the opportunity to work with Sophia Rogan and showcase our wet plate photography technique," said Stephan Kotas. "It's a challenging and time-consuming technique that requires absolute precision, but the results are truly one-of-a-kind tintypes."

Her collaboration with Stephan Kotas Photography is a reflection of the shared values for Balinese culture. The resulting photographs are a stunning representation of the beauty and essence of Miss Grand Indonesia 2021.

Stephan Kotas Photography is grateful for the opportunity to work with Sophia Rogan and looks forward to future collaborations that promote the timeless art of wet plate photography.

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