The Forgotten Art of Wet Plate Photography featuring Miss Aura International 2022 Riskyana Hidayat

April 25, 2023
miss aura international 2022 wearing handmade balinese crown

Bali, Indonesia 25th April 2023 Stephan Kotas Photography is proud to announce its latest photoshoot featuring Miss Aura International 2022, Riskyana Hidayat in Balinese style with long exposure using the Wet Plate technique with direct sunlight as our power source.

Direct sunlight is a powerful source of light that can add a new dimension to wet plate photography. With direct sunlight, we can create even more vivid and striking tintype. The use of direct sunlight enhances the contrast, making the tintype more defined and dramatic.

Tintype is a type of direct-positive photograph that It is created using this wet plate technique. The resulting image is a one-of-a-kind, vintage-looking photograph with a slightly blurred quality and unique tonalities. It is considered a unique and artistic form of photography that captures the essence of a bygone era. Tintypes are often used for portraits and still-life images, and they are prized for their beauty and historical significance.

The process begins with preparing the model for the angle and pose. The metal plate is then carefully coated with a light-sensitive collodion solution and placed into a holder that is loaded into the camera. Once the camera is set up and the model is in position, Stephan Kotas must ensure that the exposure is correct before opening the camera's shutter.

This process requires great of skill and precision, as the plate must be exposed and developed within a very short timeframe. After the composition is perfected, the metal plate coated with a light-sensitive emulsion is swiftly transported to the darkroom. Here, the transformation begins. With utmost care and precision, the plate is rinsed and fixed, skillfully halting the development process and ensuring the image becomes permanent.

With each attempt, we embrace the duality of the Wet Plate Technique - a process that can either bestow success or enthrall us with its terrify possibilities. But whether we triumph or encounter unexpected paths, one thing remains constant: the deep-seated happiness that arises when the wet plate reveals the magic of tintype when it comes alive. With direct sunlight, the process becomes even more challenging.

"I've always been fascinated by the beauty of natural light, and I wanted to see how I could incorporate that into my wet plate collodion process," Stephan Kotas explains. "It's a challenging technique, but when you get it right, the results are amazing. The images have a warmth and richness that you simply can't achieve with artificial lighting."

Stephan Kotas has a deep passion for capturing the beauty of Balinese people and their fascinating culture. With every shoot, he aims to create images that showcase the intricate details of traditional Balinese costumes and accessories. For this particular shoot, the model wore a handmade Balinese crown and Sanggul Pusung Tagel hairstyle adorned with Balinese jewelry and subeng, which added a touch of authenticity to the final result.

Stephan Kotas, a photographer and the owner of Stephan Kotas Photography, has dedicated his skills to capture Indonesian culture and ethnic portraits featuring traditional costumes.

The outcome of this photoshoot represent the unique combination of culture and wet plate technique. The photographs are a testament to the beauty of Balinese culture and the exquisite artistry of the wet plate technique. Stephan Kotas obsession with this historical photography is evident in the care and attention he brings to every shoot, making sure that each photograph is perfect in its own way.

It's time-consuming and challenging, but the result is one-of-a-kind image that cannot be replicated and is a work of art that captures a moment in time like no other medium can.

To experience the unique of tintype images, visit or follow us on Instagram @stephankotas_studio to explore the collection and learn more about the process step by step in wet plate historical photography.

About Stephan Kotas Photography : Stephan Kotas, an artist and photographer. With a background in commercial and fashion photography, Stephan's passion for the art of photography led him to revive the long-forgotten wet plate collodion process in Indonesia. This historical large format technique is over 150 years old. It involves exposing liquid light-sensitive chemicals on metal plates to create captivating images called tintypes. Stephan's specialty lies in capturing unique portraits of Indonesian people adorned in traditional costumes, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region with his unique artistic vision.

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